Looking for a job

Sat 06 September 2014

From time to time, everybody is looking for a new job. As this time just came, I am writing a few lines about me here. If I fit into your team or you know somebody who is looking for me, please let me know.

I like to create things. Things that are usefull and solve existing problems. Tools that I am using to build these things are Python, Django and Linux.

I started with Python and Django around the year 2009. Before that, I was programming in PHP for some years, mostly on small or hobby projects. The code I produced was terrible, full of errors and unmaintainable. I blamed PHP instead of me and started to look for something new. I was impressed by the "blogging app in 10 minutes" tutorials for both, Django and Ruby on Rails. After some while I decided that I will learn Python due to its simple syntax and versatility. As Python is well known for its good programming practices, it forced me to learn more than just the syntax and standard library.

Today, my applications don't break anymore. The code is clean, maintainable and I strictly follow the test driven development principles. I learned what The Zen of Python means and I follow these rules. But I also know that there is still a plenty of space to improve myself. Therefore I would welcome to work with smarter and more experienced people than me.

As I develop web applications, Linux is something you can't omit. I installed my first Debian in 2006 and it was a pain. Now I enjoy it. Over the years I learned a lot about installing, maintaining and troubleshooting the system and it's services. I managed dozens of servers in production environment. In the last time I am especially interested in Docker. It is something we all were waiting for.

My field of interests is quite wide. I am not highly specialized in one thing but there are several areas where I am "good enough". If you are a startup and looking for somebody who can work on the application, prepare the whole application stack, deploy it and solve any kinds of problems, I could be the right person.

My native language is Slovak and I speak English and German. I use English daily, mostly in written form and outweights reading of technical literature. I didn't speak German for several years what means that I will need a little bit of time to get in again.

I am looking for a remote work. It is not that I am lazy to move to an another place but as I have two little children, it is not so easy anymore.

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